KORP5E GR1ND3R: Pot Paradise

A photo taken from a customer and friend of OBCW.

“I take photos when i feel like i see a good shot .. not a professional by any means .. and all my photos are taken on my phone too btw .. This photo was taken at “Rocky River” on the Avalon Peninsula, in Newfoundland and Labrador.

 Me and my buddy made a stop here to come down to the bottom of this waterfall just to burn a J and grab this photo. Aug 2014″
*We are natue people, so this submission really hit home…even though it’s from clear across the country. Enjoy your free 1/8th with your next purchase :):)

Karissa’s 420 vacation!

We were partial to this sumbission, it was submitted by a customer in Winnipeg, she took the picture while visiting northern Vancouver Island 🙂 in the summer of 2015, she found this area while taking a scenic view and enjoyed her first toke of BC weed while in BC!

Karissa refers to herself as a “Part-time shutterbug” and takes photos just for her personal enjoyment!


Thank you for the submission, enjoy your free 1/8th of Nuken! 🙂


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